Preschool in Alwal Hyderabad

Longing for a Preschool in Alwal Hyderabad that can provide the best for your kid? Being a parent it is obvious to arrange for the best for your kids. Preschool stands as the primary phase when the kids leave their comfort place and go into a totally different environment. They get introduced to different peoples and other kids who are totally new to them.

Undoubtedly in such a situation you ill expect the best for your child. It is certain that the school nourish your child with values and prepares them for the future competitions of life. But in some cases, things turn out to be different. Though you might have heard the name of the school several times as good but the total scenario gets far different from what you heard.

What playschool promises but can not provide?

  • Promise to provide equality but can not as in some cases teachers and staffs grew liking s to some kids

  • Promise to tackle your naughty kid but ultimately end up with beating and threatening the kids

  • Promises to engulf technology in the curriculum but alas some of the teachers do not know how to handle it

  • Promises to provide the best hygiene but ends up giving your child illness

  • Promise to include no extra charges. But they often ask for extra for some of the other reasons

  • Promise to provide utmost support in sending your kid to the primary school but alas


We went through must research and came to know about the problems that parents suffer in providing their kids kindergarten level of education. However, we also believe that these are the base years of studies and if the goes well then the kid can turn out to be a better and successful human being tomorrow.

All our research resulted in Alphabetz, one of the fastest growing preschool chains in India that had successfully opened over 260+ franchises in PAN-INDIA. We are from Edwell Global group which is part of the SAR group. We aim at overall development of the kids that is;

  • Physical development

  • Mental development

  • Social development

We know how much special is your kid for you and what you do to provide the best facilities to them. So we wish to assist you in making the kids a better human of tomorrow.

How we solve the problems you face in the other preschool?

  • Our teachers and staffs are trained in a special way. They regard each student with equality thus giving equal treatment and nurture.

  • We can tackle your naughty kids zoo. We first try to find out what they are interested in and after that, it becomes easy for us.

  • We are equipped with the latest technology. In your visit, you can have a look.

  • We do not want your kid to be safe so we make sure every day cleaning along with special weekly cleaning of the classroom, toilets, and playground.

  • We are open. We do not believe in any extra charges.

  • Have a word with the pass out to know about the support we provide ion sending your kid to primary school.

If you stay near Kompally or near Suchitra, then try to pay us a visit. You will not be disappointed with our services. Eve you can ask for our daycare facility. Call us or pay us a visit, we are eagerly waiting for you.

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