Lying to the southeast side of New Delhi is Faridabad which falls under the state of Haryana. It is a large city with a huge population. There are two public rose gardens in this city. The Aravalli Hills frame the north part of the city showing off quite a beauty. Alphabetz is presenting play school franchise in Faridabad with a promise to offer quality education. We promise to give a favorable experience when it comes to preschools. Preschools have become quite popular and accepted in other cities with our efforts. We want Faridabad to experience the same. With enthusiasm, we want to expand our kindergarten franchise in Faridabad.

Our motto as the Top Preschool Franchise in Faridabad—

  1. Offering the best preschool franchise in Faridabad through our competent facilities. Our teaching methods have helped us to earn a good name. 
  2. Advanced technology in every step of learning. We consider technology as our second teacher. There is constant monitoring of the activities of kids.
  3. Providing a hassle-free private institution environment. There is no chance of government interference. 
  4. Constant guidance by the team from Alphabetz who would feel guides you in the most efficient way at every step. 
  5. Curriculum that is supportive of the learning needs of kids. Children will get to learn a lot from the researched curriculum set by the experts.

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