Goa is one of the smallest states in India, which is situated in the coastal region renowned as Konkan, West India. Goa is bounded by Karnataka to the south and east, Maharashtra to the north, Western coast by the Arabian Sea. According to population growth, Goa is the fourth smallest state. Among all other Indian states, Goa has the uppermost GDP per capita, which is 2 and a half of the country’s GDP. 11th Finance Commission also ranked Goa as ‘best-placed State’ for its best life quality and infrastructure. This smallest state is also a former Portuguese province. A large number of domestic and international tourists visit Goa every year for its nightlife, white sand beaches, world architectural heritage and places of worship. Goa is rich with fauna and flora as it is a hotspot of biodiversity and located on the Western Ghats.

Alphabetz is popular as one of the successful and Best Preschool Franchise in Goa. We at Alphabetz work with the support of SAR Group since the year 1969. Our main objective is to nurture, inspire and support every individual kid to boost their overall deployment of physical, mental and emotional state. We with our advanced curriculum aim at encouraging every kid to realize their individual potential and utilize them in coming future to face a lot of up-coming obstacles in life.

Till date, we at Alphabetz have successfully established a number of No Royalty Franchise in Goa or Nursery school Franchise in Goa and 260+ franchises in all over India. We have also implemented our every possible measure to provide the best for an individual kid at our every pre-school. To make kids learn through playful methods we are providing assistance for Play School Franchise in Goa. We always seek the support of skilled and highly- qualified teachers at our pre-schools, those who impose universal values among kids like non-violence, compassion, empathy and other required potential for their growth and development for near future.
How will we support you to adopt a Kindergarten Franchise in Goa?

  1. Options for investing in our pre-school business in minimum investments
  2. Provide assistance to extract the best potentials from individual kid
  3. Preparing with the use of latest advanced gadgets
  4. Provide you ways to nurture individual kids with advanced techniques of teaching
  5. Provide necessary guidance in every field of growth and development
  6. Provide training for proper management of pre-schools and office works
  7. Support for every necessary promotional and advertising devices
  8. No royalty rates charges
  9. Supply of required educational study materials
  10. Offer every sort of marketing assistance- pre as well as post-launch

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