Hissar is the administrative headquarters of Hissar division, situated in the state of Haryana, which is India’s northwestern state. From the capital of India, i.e., New Delhi, Hissar is located 164 km to the west. This city is also recognized as National Capital Region’s country magnet city. Hissar was developed to that extent to achieve growth and development in the Delhi center. Several major powers, including Mauryans, ruled this city during 3rd Century BC. During the 14th Century, Hissar was ruled by Tughlaqs and 16th Century by Mughals and 19th Century by British. After the independence of India, this city was combined with the state of Punjab. And during the division of Punjab in the year 19666, Hissar was listed under Haryana.

Alphabetz is a well-renowned pre-school and Daycare of Edwell Global Academy brand. Albhabetz is also a Play School Franchise in Hissar that aims at preparing kids for fighting with bigger challenges in life in a playful way with homely atmosphere and care. Alphabetz not only focuses on studies but also aims at overall development of a child. Taking care of each and every child individually is the main objective of Alphabetz. Alphabetz has also been listed as Top Preschool Franchise in Hissar.  
Our objectives:

  1.  Treating every student with individual attention and motherly care
  2. Provide curriculum that is prepared with techniques that helps to develop mental, physical, social and emotional growth
  3. Encouraging kids to realize their own potentiality 
  4.  Providing a homely environment in school
  5.  Develop the sense of corporation among kids

Hence, Alphabetz is one of the best Preschool Franchise in Hissar. We are eligible enough to deal each and every kid irrespective of anything, equally. We hire trainers, those who are eligible and highly- skilled for this sensitive post of nurturing kids for their future growth. Parents are high- satisfied with their individual child growth, they received from Alphabetz. We with years of experiences are well-established in Hissar and have the potential to render No Royalty Franchise in Hissar. Our preschools are the best in nurturing and preparing an individual child to become an active participant in various academic skills and become a long learner.

You all must already be aware of the fact that Kindergarten Franchise in Hissar is actually a booming business, which can help you in developing your financial stability. Parents are much concern about their kids future, so they always search for preschools that will help their kids to develop in a natural way. Parents are always ready to invest resources in their kid’s education, to get beneficiary results. Therefore, taking up a Nursery school Franchise in Hissar will surely be helpful for you to develop your financial growth and earnings as well. Hence, Alphabetz is the best choice for you to take up a Pre-School Franchise in Hissar, as they are the best and offers reasonable franchise models for people of Hissar.

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