Laid out on a chain of islands and crossed by the backwaters and the sea, Kochi upholds its old charm. Being the gateway of the Kerala tour, this city is a perfect place to spend some leisure time. People from all over the world come over here to enjoy the rich heritage of India. Kochi is a mixture of both culture and history. Known as a port city, Kochi is a perfect mix of the 400-year old synagogue, Portuguese houses, British Raj remains China‚Äôs enormous fishing nets and ancient mosques. People can enjoy staying over here, either in heritage accommodations or in houses. Kochi proudly holds the Keralan arts. This place is a perfect blend of the newer India with the older India. Education is given the maximum priority, Kochi is rich in schools, universities and educational institutes. However, over the few years, parents are much concern about the education of the little ones. They want their kids to receive the best of the education. Not only they do look strict towards the schools but lots more preferences are been given to the base level education. They do urge for making the root of their kid in terms of education stronger.  And thus, for this reason, preschool business has become a flourishing business for those who want to work in a worry free industry. As for setting up the business, you need not have to take much tension. It urges for a very low investment but will definitely provide you with a high return. However seeing the aspects of Kochi, the Preschool Franchise in Kochi will be a very good option to go with, especially when Alphabetz, Top Preschool Franchise in Kochi, is by your side.

Detailing about Alphabetz

Alphabetz is not only the Best Preschool Franchise in Kochi but perfect place where the little ones enjoy the primary years of learning. Focusing on the overall development of the kids, Alphabetz makes sure that the kid boosts physically, emotional, mentally and socially.

Alphabetz is a preschool brand that has 260+ franchise centers in PAN-INDIA. This preschool chain came from the Edwell Global Academy which is a part of the SAR group. Since 1969, it is serving as the bets preschool brand where total care of the kids are taken.

What do we have?

  1. Providing grammar class
  2. Music and dance class
  3. Homework arena
  4. Motor training
  5. Karate and Skating
  6. Teaching in theme concept

Focusing on taking Alphabetz Play School Franchise in Kochi, you will receive full support from us. You will receive total guidance from us. Our team of qualified teachers who have gathered experience over the past year will help you in running your Nursery school Franchise in Kochi. Being part of one of the best Kindergarten Franchise in Kochi, we will help you in the following aspects:

  1. Finding out the optimal location for the school
  2. Research on the market and providing promotional tips
  3. Providing with guidance in running the preschool
  4. Arranging training for the teachers and equipping with modern accessories
  5. Total academic support

If you want to be a part of the No Royalty Franchise in Kochi then call us or visit us. We will be always by your side to help you. 

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