Alphabetz believes in the overall development of a child. The institution was established with the belief that we are going to bring a huge change in the way early education works in India. Since the inception to this day, we have a lot of experience. Surely, we have made quite a presence in India with our services. We have been successful in the cities where we are present already. We want to expand this glorious status further by reaching out to other cities as well. That is why we have chosen to offer Play School Franchise in Ludhiana. The quality of education that we provide at Alphabetz is hard to find anywhere else.

Our philosophy

  1. To provide highest quality of education to children.
  2. Treating each child with care and nurturing them in the most loved way.
  3. Assuring parents of the safe and secured environment that we have.
  4. Making learning a fun activity through the use of various toys and other materials.
  5. Building a trust relationship with parents so that they can communicate with us any time they want.

Why choose our Kindergarten Franchise in Ludhiana—

Choosing a franchise can be a tough decision. But we can give you a hundred reasons why you should be picking us. With our long standing establishment, we have created a faith among the people with our names. They can trust us for no royalty franchise in Ludhiana. 

  1. State-of-the art facilities in our schools for children to grow. 
  2. Technologically advanced methods and equipments used in teaching by teachers.
  3. Constant monitoring of the children while they are playing and learning.
  4. Easy campaigning of our franchise through banners, newspapers, etc. 
  5. Trained teachers who are constantly after the overall development of the children.

Being the Top Preschool Franchise in Ludhiana is not that difficult when you deal with us. As soon as you are associated without facility, there is no turning back. Preschools have gained importance among the parents who are highly of the opinion of sending their kids to a secured place. Gone are the days when children learn at home alone. It is now time that they start learning at an excellent facility. They are constantly learning along with their peers which make their education great. Kids need to interact with others apart from their parents and family. That is how they gather social skills. They learn to be in an environment where they would be required to showcase their talents. 

If you are thinking of best preschool franchise in Ludhiana, then that has to be with us. We are a trusted name when it comes to preschools. The dedication of our teachers is matched with the care they take of the children. Treating each and every child with care is what we do at every step. Being Nursery School Franchise in Ludhiana comes with a lot of perks. There would be no problem in campaigning for the school as the name would do a lot of work. Get in touch with the most efficient preschool in India today. 

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