Preschool in Madinaguda Hyderabad 

If you are looking for a trustworthy preschool in Madinagudi, then you are on the right page! We are undoubtedly the best preschool in Madinagudi. Our team believes in delivering the highest quality of schooling to the children. As a preschool, we understand your concern as parents about your kids. In order to keep up with the expectations of the parents, we have decided to bring to you our quality preschool education. 

Preschooling in India began with the idea of sending children to a place where they would learn while playing. It is to strengthen their expectations; we bring to you the ultimate experience of quality education. Children have every right to access quality right from the time they step out of their home to the world of learning. As they come out of their comfort zone, we make sure that they get the easiest way to educate them. 

Preschools should try to enhance the overall qualities of a child. We too try doing that. It is our responsibility to educate children in such a way that the steps after this look easy to them. Gone are the days when parents thought home-learning is the best way to help a child grow. Instead, parents think of sending their kids to a preschool which looks after the social and emotional well-being of the child. Through mixing up with other children and teachers, the child develops. 

We claim ourselves to be the best school in Madinaguda for providing facilities like no other preschool—

Child Care: Children who come to us to avail preschool education will experience the best times. In every step, teachers who are highly trained monitor every activity of the child. The food they are having to the toys they are playing with everything is supervised by our teachers. Health and hygiene is also a big concern for us. We provide water-filters and fresh food in case kids don’t bring lunch from their homes.

 International curriculum:  We believe that the first step to delivering quality education is to shape the curriculum. To this end, we have balanced and structured the curriculum with the best possible books appropriate for the age. Even the toys that are kept in our classrooms to assist learning are scientific. They have been analyzed and kept for the mental development of the child.
Practical learning: Learning can get boring for the kids at this age if it involves only books. We cannot expect kids to be attentive and intuitive if we give only books to read. Books should be accompanied by toys that help in making learning a joyful experience. Teachers are always there to sing and dance with the kids to help them learn a new rhyme or song. This is how we work. 

Daycare services: We provide every other daycare services possible. There are washrooms and staff that would help kids get freshen up. They will also help the kids to have their lunch. However, teachers mainly take up the responsibility of feeding the kids. There are healthcare facilities in case a child falls sick. Before he or she is sent to their home, the initial treatment is undertaken by a doctor here. 

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