Thinking about the City of Palaces, the first name that comes to our mind is Mysore. It is the second biggest city in Karnataka, Southern India. Over the time, Mysore had is known for its glorious royal heritage, magnificent monuments and of course as a well-planned city. However, Mysore stands upright as one of the most enchanting cities of South India. It is been acclaimed as a well-known tourist spot where people from all over the world visit every year.  Today, Mysore has turned into an educational hub. However, students from all over the India and world come over to Mysore to pursue their studies. So, residing in Mysore, we can’t neglect the necessity of a preschool franchise in Indore for the kids. However being in Mysore, there will be many options available but when there is a chance to go for the Best Preschool Franchise in Mysore then why not chose that. Yes, talking about the Alphabetz franchise.

Alphabetz is not only a Play School Franchise in Mysore rather a cheerful kindergarten for the kids. Over here, the little ones are been prepared for the big challenges of tomorrow but in a playful way. Rather focusing on studies only Alphabetz believes in the overall development of the child. Thus, the curriculum is equipped with certain techniques that build up the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the children. We at Alphabetz have a highly experienced qualified team who makes all their effort to be out the best from the children. They focus on the enhancing the motor skill, gross motor, creativity and personality of the kids.

What makes us different?

  1. We deal with each student in equality
  2. Incorporating new techniques in teaching
  3. Getting the best for the students
  4. Taking care 
  5. Making them aware of the world outer to their comfort zone
  6. Preparing them for the future challenges
  7. Focusing on overall growth of the kids

Alphabetz is a well-known preschool chain in India since 1969. It is from the Edwell Global Academy which is a part of the SAR group. Till date, it had successfully established 260+ franchise in PAN-INDIA. However, throughout the years Alphabetz had tried their level-best in providing the best for the kids. Thus, it is been well known as a fastest growing preschool brand in India. Alphabetz is now extending its hands to provide Top Preschool Franchise in Mysore.

For being a part of the Alphabetz, the Kindergarten Franchise in Mysore, you don’t have to invest a huge amount. Rather with low investment, you can guarantee a high return. And as for Alphabetz, it is known as the No Royalty Franchise in Mysore. With help from the highly qualified and experienced experts, you can definitely be the owner of the Nursery school Franchise in Mysore. We will provide you guidance in every aspect of running the preschool. Even we will provide you with some great promotional tips for proper management of the school. If you really want to be the owner of a preschool then don’t wait much. Contact us. We can have a brief session on the various aspects of opening a preschool in Mysore.  

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