Setting up your preschool in Pune

Looking towards Pune, nowadays, one can see the brighter side of developing India. Pune stands second in counting after Mumbai, in respect of the largest city of Maharashtra. Once the main base of the Maratha Empire Peshwas, Pune is now known as the center of education and business that symbolizes modern India. However, Pune is a mixture of both ancient and modernization. One side it is considered to be the cultural capital of the state and on the other hand, people from all over India look toward it for occupation. In fact, students from all over Indian and also from abroad approach there for further studies. However, Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, noted Pune as “The Oxford of the east”. Thus with more than 100 institutes and 9 universities, Pune has become a student town.

So a place where education is given the most priority, Play School Franchise in Pune will be a blooming opportunity. In such an education based city, you will certainly get a hundred of options to choose from. But when you have the opportunity to set up the Best Preschool Franchise in Pune, then why do you have to look towards the others.

Which Top Preschool Franchise in Pune to choose? 

Alphabetz is a well-known pre-school chain from SAR group Edwell Global Academy. It is one of the famous preschool brands that is growing rapidly. As of now, Alphabetz has 260+ franchise centers in PAN-INDIA. Since 1969. Alphabetz makes every effort to make it comfortable and at the same time make the outer world known to them. Throughout the years we are working hard and equipping different techniques in our curriculum to make teaching a fun loving aspect to the kids. Alphabetz doesn’t only look at the academic growth of the children rather focuses that the kid enhances physically and socially too. We make learning interesting for the kids and make our every best effort to enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Looking towards Alphabetz, Kindergarten Franchise in Pune

Focusing on the business aspect of Nursery school Franchise in Pune, it can be said that this industry is a blooming one. The business doesn’t need a lot of investment or a huge amount of equipment. Rather this business requires a very little investment but will provide you with high return. Here are some of the facts about how Alphabetz is going to help you in having Preschool Franchise in Pune:
  1. In your market research
  2. Searching for the site
  3. Promotion and marketing
  4. Managing the school
  5. Training of staff and teachers
  6. Designing of brochures, banners etc
  7. Equipping with modern equipment
  8. Proving study materials
  9. Academic support
  10. Support for security and accounting
  11. Organizing events

Being a member of Alphabetz, you will receive full support from our side. It is a No Royalty Franchise in Pune that will provide you high returns on low investment. Call us and talk to our experts. We welcome all those who want to have a business of their own. 

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